Top 10 Wardrobe Accessories You Should Have

Maximize Your Space with Custom Wardrobe Interior Fittings

Are you planning for your new wardrobe? Looking for ideas to maximize and create the most ideal wardrobe? 

Often we may overlook the importance of having a highly-functional wardrobe, as we put our focus on other carpentry during our renovation journey. However, our wardrobe goes a long way with us and it is the furniture that have the highest touchpoint at home. In this article, we shall explore the types of wardrobe accessories that should be integrated to improve our quality of life at home.

A well-organized wardrobe can transform your daily routine and streamline your life. Custom wardrobe interior fittings offer an array of innovative solutions to make the most of your closet space. Whether you have a walk-in closet, a reach-in wardrobe, or something in between, these fittings can help you create an organized and stylish storage solution tailored to your needs.


1. LED Lighting: Illuminate your wardrobe's interior with LED lighting. Whether it's recessed lighting, strip lighting, or motion-activated lights, proper lighting ensures that every corner of your wardrobe is visible, making it easier to find what you need. It also act as a cozy night light due to it's anti-glare feature!


LED lighting is an excellent choice for illuminating wardrobes due to its energy efficiency, versatility, and potential for creating different lighting effects. When it comes to anti-glare lighting for wardrobes, consider the following tips to ensure a functional and visually pleasing setup:

  1. Use LED housings for Dotless lighting: The dotting effects created by LED lights can be unpleasant and harsh to the eyes. Avoid this mistake by pairing it with LED housing that sleekly conceals the dotted strip lights and produces a constant smooth line of illumination. They also comes with diffusing polyvinyl cover to help scatter the light and reduce glare.

  2. Color Temperature: Opt for LED lights with a color temperature in the range of 2700K to 3500K for a warm and inviting atmosphere. This color temperature mimics natural sunlight and makes it easier to see the true colors of your clothing.

  3. Motion Sensors: Install motion sensors in your wardrobe to activate the LED lights automatically when you open the wardrobe doors. This is not only convenient but also helps save energy by turning off the lights when not in use. (Further discussed in the next point!)

  4. Quality LED Strips: Invest in high-quality LED strips that have good color rendering and consistent brightness. Cheaper LEDs might not provide the same level of performance and longevity.


2. LED Sensors: 

Certainly! To illuminate a wardrobe automatically, you can install motion-activated smart sensors so that they turn on automatically when the doors are opened or when motion is detected. 

Link to Twin Door sensor:

Link to Single sensor

Using sensors to illuminate a wardrobe offers several benefits, enhancing convenience, energy efficiency, and overall functionality. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Sensors ensure that the lights are only activated when needed. They turn on when motion is detected and turn off after a certain period of inactivity. This prevents unnecessary energy consumption and reduces electricity costs compared to traditional manual switches.

  2. Convenience: With sensor-activated lighting, you don't need to fumble for a light switch when accessing your wardrobe. The lights turn on automatically as soon as you open the doors or move within the sensor's range. This is especially useful when you're in a hurry or your hands are full.

  3. Hands-Free Operation: Motion sensors allow for hands-free operation. You can easily access the wardrobe without needing to manually turn the lights on or off, making it convenient when you have items in your hands.

  4. Enhanced Visibility: Illuminating the interior of the wardrobe makes it easier to see and locate items, especially in darker spaces. This can save time and frustration when you're trying to find specific clothing or accessories.

  5. Modern Aesthetics: Sensor-activated lighting adds a modern touch to your wardrobe. The sleek design of motion sensor lights can enhance the overall look of the interior.

  6. Versatility: Sensor-activated lighting can be used in various applications beyond wardrobes, such as closets, pantries, and other enclosed spaces where hands-free illumination is beneficial. You can now use your wardrobe to light up the room without turning on the main light switch!


3. Adjustable Shelves and Dividers: Say goodbye to wasted space with adjustable shelves and dividers. These versatile fittings can be rearranged to accommodate varying items, from shoes and handbags to folded clothes and accessories. Adjustable dividers can be particularly handy for creating sections within your wardrobe, keeping different categories of items separated and easily accessible.


4. Pull-Out Trousers Racks: The modern way to store your bottoms! Keep your pants collection organized and accessible with pull-out rail racks. These fittings slide out smoothly, allowing you to see your entire pants collection at a glance. No more digging through piles of jeans to find the perfect pair – your bottoms becomes a visually pleasing display.



5. Modern Hanging Rods: Make use of vertical space by incorporating hanging rods. Let's not use the traditional silver rod anymore, stay modernized with a dark grey accented rod with embedded anti-slip feature. 

A dark grey hanging rod can be a stylish and contemporary choice for a modern wardrobe. It complements a variety of interior design themes and color schemes, while also providing a sleek and sophisticated look. 


When selecting a dark grey hanging rod for a modern wardrobe, consider the following tips:

  1. Material: Choose a high-quality material that not only looks good but also ensures the rod's durability. Stainless steel or aluminum with a dark grey finish can provide a modern aesthetic while being sturdy enough to hold your clothes.

  2. Finish: Opt for a matte or brushed finish rather than a glossy one. This helps in achieving a more sophisticated and subtle look that aligns well with modern design.

  3. Interior Design: Keep the overall interior design of your wardrobe in mind. If the wardrobe features other dark grey elements, such as shelving or drawers, the hanging rod will integrate seamlessly.

  4. Lighting: Lighting can greatly impact how the dark grey hanging rod is perceived. Consider adding LED strip lights or integrated lighting to enhance the visibility of your clothes and highlight the rod's modern aesthetic.


6. Pull-Out Mirrors: Incorporate a pull-out mirror into your wardrobe to create a convenient dressing area. This not only saves space in your room but also adds a functional and aesthetic touch to your closet. It's perfect for checking your outfit before you head out the door. In Feng Shui, mirrors hold significant importance as they are believed to reflect energy and influence the flow of Qi (life force energy). Mirrors are not recommended to be exposed or directly facing towards us. Hence, getting a concealed mirror (i.e pull-out mirror) is a great tip!



7. Dehumidifiers: Using a dehumidifier in your wardrobe can be a practical solution to prevent moisture buildup and protect your clothes, shoes, and other belongings from potential damage. Especially if you're storing precious luxury bags and clothings.


Here are some considerations and tips for using a dehumidifier effectively in your wardrobe: 

  1. Closed vs. Open Wardrobes: Dehumidifiers are generally more effective in enclosed spaces. If you have an open wardrobe or a walk-in closet, you might need to use multiple dehumidifiers strategically placed to cover the entire area.

  2. Items to Protect: Dehumidifiers are particularly useful for items that are sensitive to moisture, such as leather goods, shoes, delicate fabrics, and electronics.


8. Accessories Holders: Don't let your accessories become tangled messes. Install specialized holders for items like ties, belts, scarves, and hats. These fittings keep your accessories easily accessible and prevent them from becoming damaged. 

    9. Soft-closing sliding door system & track

    A soft-closing sliding kit is important integration in our wardrobe as they help with silent movement of the door. This type of system is designed to enhance the user experience by preventing slamming doors and providing a gentle, controlled closing motion.

    The soft-closing mechanism is a crucial feature of this system. It usually consists of shock absorbers installed within the track or on the door itself. These control the speed and force with which the door closes. As the door approaches the closed position, the mechanism engages, slowing down the door's movement and ensuring it closes softly and quietly.

    1. User-Friendly Experience: The purpose of the soft-closing system is to create a user-friendly experience. The doors won't slam shut, reducing noise and potential damage. Additionally, this system can extend the lifespan of the wardrobe doors by reducing wear and tear caused by abrupt closing.

    2. Adjustability: Many soft-closing sliding wardrobe door systems are adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune the speed and force of the soft-closing action according to your preference.



    10. Built-In Drawers and Trays: Keep small items neatly organized with built-in drawers and trays. These can be customized to fit your specific needs, whether you need compartments for jewelry, belts, ties, or even folded clothes. Soft-close mechanisms add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe experience.

    Custom wardrobe interior fittings bring order and functionality to your closet space. With a wide range of options available, you can design a personalized storage solution that suits your lifestyle, maximizes your space, and adds a touch of luxury to your daily routine. Say hello to a beautifully organized wardrobe that enhances your everyday life.

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