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KKPL Stiles System range from sliding doors mechanism to enhance furnishing products.

This system is fabricated with austere quality control to ensure safety regulation in Singapore, silent performances and sophisticating impression. Completed with precise design yet simple installation that retain project time frame.

KKPL range of products encourage designers to reference and outline a more detailed renovation planning for projects.

7 products found in STILES SYSTEM

KKPL KARO(s) Overhung Sliding Door Kit with Soft Close
  • $250.00
KKPL SOLO Single Track Sliding System with Anti-Derailment Device
  • $80.00
KKPL DJ Top Hung Top Hung Sliding Kit with Soft Closing
  • $150.00
KKPL BELLO Top Hung Sliding System
  • $150.00
KKPL TIVO Conceal Sliding Door Soft Closing System
  • $120.00
KKPL VANITA Overhung Sliding Door System with Anti-Derailment Device
  • $150.00
KKPL Bi-fold Sliding System
  • $100.00