As a distributor of HAWA, a global market and technology leader for sliding on buildings, in buildings and on furniture, we aim to inspire you with unique interior fittings system.

Hawa products “In buildings”: Hardware for sliding doors and sliding walls

Sliding solutions in buildings ensure that areas can be spaciously and flexibly designed and furnished. People want as much free space and openness as possible – in both the private and the corporate sphere. Floorplans can be significantly optimized by using sliding solutions, making them better suited to meet rising expectations for flexible use of rooms. Sliding door fittings from Hawa Sliding Solutions make this possible with the greatest convenience. Choose high-quality hardware with unparalleled smooth running, guaranteed longevity and simple installation.

Rooms become flexibly usable.

  • Multi-faceted solutions for sliding doors and sliding walls
  • Flexibility in design and use of areas
  • Multi-functional use of walls and passages
  • Wooden or glass sliding doors as design elements

The Hawa Concepta family – fitting system for pivot and folding/sliding doors, cabinet concepts without restrictions

Fitting system for wood pivot and folding/sliding doors

Space is a valuable commodity. It is appropriately important to make intelligent and efficient use of it. This is where the Hawa Concepta and Folding Concepta fittings for hinged doors and pivot and folding/sliding doors come in: by making entire furniture fronts disappear and appear again in seconds based on requirements and the type of use. This makes construction possible which is diverse as life itself.